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Answers to common problems in the use of hydraulic oil pumps

Publish: 2021-05-29 13:50:50 Update: 2022-03-24 17:30:20 View: 886

1. Symptoms of insufficient hydraulic pump pressure?

A: Insufficient pressure makes the hydraulic oil pump a common fault in the daily operation. Experienced operation managers can find the problem from a series of symptoms, so as to prevent it from happening in advance and ensure stable production. The symptoms of insufficient hydraulic oil pump pressure mainly include: no pressure in the hydraulic oil pump system, unadjustable pressure, pressure drift and fluctuation, instability and unloading out of control.

2. How to connect the hydraulic pump to the motor?

There are mainly four connection methods: flexible coupling connection, sleeve coupling connection, drive shaft with flat tail shaft, V-belt and gear, etc. The motor is connected to the The connection of the Rexroth hydraulic pump can be installed with a support or a flange. The pump and the motor should use a common base support, and both the flange and the base should have sufficient rigidity.

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3. Can the flow of Vickers plunger pump be adjusted manually?

Answer: Vickers plunger pumps with general pressure and flow control methods can be adjusted manually. It should be noted that the size of the flow rate can not be controlled manually. You can consult the manufacturer or test and adjust it on the machine.

4. The output oil pipe of the hydraulic pump sounds like air flowing, is it the problem of the hydraulic pump?

Answer: If there is such a sound in the output oil pipe of the hydraulic pump, it is very likely that there is a problem with the sealing of the hydraulic oil pipe. If air enters, cavitation will be produced, which will not only damage the service life of the hydraulic pump, but also cause serious damage to the entire hydraulic system. great destructive power. Seek the technical support of the hydraulic pump manufacturer to solve the problem as soon as possible.