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After-sales instructions

After-sales instructions

Return and Exchange Policy

1. It supports seven-day return and exchange, and does not affect the second sale. If you need to return or exchange, please handle it within 7 days from the date of receipt. Our company will process the refund within one week after receiving the return and confirming that it is correct;
2. When signing for the hydraulic pump, please be sure to check the outer packaging of the wooden box and whether the hydraulic pump in the box is damaged. If there is any problem such as damage, please contact Haozheng after-sales customer service immediately;
4. After receiving the hydraulic pump, if there is any behavior that affects the secondary sales such as use, disassembly, damage, replacement of parts, etc., return and exchange will not be supported;
5. When you return or exchange the goods due to your own reasons, you will be responsible for the postage when the goods are returned and the freight when they are sent again.

Refund and refund instructions

Return application: Please contact online customer service or call the customer service hotline to apply for return and exchange. After the application is approved, please return the goods that need to be returned with the product delivery list within 3 days and return to the address provided by the customer service. If you provide an uncheckable courier number to return the goods, the company will not be responsible for the loss, damage, or misdelivery of the goods, please understand.

Return and exchange process:

Contact online customer service or call the customer service phone for return and exchange registration → provide order number → return product picture → customer service confirm the return application → send back the returned goods → return confirmation → handle refund or exchange.
Note: Please be sure to indicate the order number in the remarks column of the waybill, thank you for your cooperation.
Special reminder: If you choose the domestic registered mailing method, please keep your "domestic general parcel details sheet" for future reference after finishing the mailing of the parcel at the post office.

Refund method:

After the return is received and confirmed to be correct, if a refund is required, the company will handle the relevant refund for you within one week according to your payment method:
Use cash on delivery, the payment will be refunded to your designated bank card;
With online payment, the payment will be refunded to the online payment account you paid at the time.
If you have any questions, please contact customer service hotline: or contact customer service email