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After-sale warranty

After-sale warranty

After-sales maintenance

1. Free maintenance: Free maintenance is implemented for product quality reasons during the 1-year warranty period, and no fees are charged; for non-quality problems, only accessories are charged.

2. Lifetime maintenance: Lifelong maintenance of the product outside the warranty period and scrapped period, and the cost of parts and lower labor and technology fees will be charged.

3. Those who fall into one of the following situations are not included in the scope of free maintenance:
        A. Damage caused by improper use by consumers.
        B. Damage caused by non-Haozheng hydraulic installation, disassembly and maintenance.
        C. The warranty card or valid pump purchase certificate cannot be provided, or the warranty card and valid certificate have been altered.
        D. The product model and product serial number on the warranty card or valid pump purchase certificate are inconsistent with the model and serial number of the product being repaired.
        E. Damage caused by force majeure.
        F. Products beyond the warranty period stipulated by relevant national regulations and Haozheng Hydraulics.

4. Remote technical support for installation, commissioning, use, etc. is provided free of charge. If on-site service is required, a service fee will be charged.

5. Quick response in 30 minutes and remote solutions help enterprises quickly resume operations.