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HZ-CAT series
HZ-CAT series

9T-6857 9T-0290 9T-4104 4T-1029 4T-6895

Product model: 9T-6857 9T-0290 9T-4104 4T-1029 4T-6895 118-1143 126-0980 131-4824 120-0140 6E-5477 6E-5965 11026949

Working pressure:210bar        Speed range:2400 rpm

displacement:40ml/r              Control method: Pressure and flow control

Pump body weight:20Kg         Rotation direction: L

Oil port location: Side                Oil pump type: Axial piston pump

Application areas:9T-6857 9T-0290 9T-4104 4T-1029 4T-6895 118-1143 126-0980 131-4824 120-0140 6E-5477 6E-5965 11026949 hydraulic piston pump Applied to Carter Motor Grader 120H 12H 12G 135H 140H 140G 143H 160H 160G 163H

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The HZCAT series is a medium pressure swashplate plunger pump with constant pressure control, constant flow control, constant power control, remote pressure regulation control, and other methods. It has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, light weight, low noise, and long service life. It can be combined into a series pump drive and is widely used in fields such as metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, industrial machinery, and engineering machinery.

The following are some Carter part numbers. For inquiries or more information, please contact Guangdong Haozheng Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd.(Wechat:13725097647):

200-1801 145-4878(10R-0555) 152-2913 104-1752(0R-7669)
202-1335(10R-0544) 100-3259(0R-9645) 235-4108 9T-8346(0R-8503)
131-6006(0R-7476) 172-5637(10R-0552) 247-8968(10R-6278) 167-0994(0R-7674)
204-9749(10R-8688) 178-5195(20R-3306) 289-6370 15244762
340-2121(20R-1844) 194-6800(20R-3301) 171-2950 15229403
240-2647(10R-6688) 224-6369 170-9918(10R-3223) 6E-1279
247-8917 219-1964 237-4397 9T-6857(0R-4218)
224-4430(10R-6686) 4Z-5811 235-4257(20R-6812) 9T-4104(0R-4215)
152-2914 319-3595 177-0280 203-2790
153-7020 178-9181 171-2949 224-4432
153-7021(10R-6693) 140-8886(0R-0861) 325-9778 280-7137
153-9624(0R-1062) 161-6634(0R-7793) 300-9481/340-6184 300-9482
233-4152 112-6564 341-7672(20R-3312) 142-8698(10R-0169)
219-1965(10R-4648) 235-4109(10R-8695) 346-4095(20R-3312) 224-4431(10R-6687)
169-4883(10R-3875) 235-4110(10R-8696) 379-9740(20R-7880) 271-2116
252-2680(20R-7023) 244-2228(10R-8770) 358-4993(20R-8956) 124-3027(0R-7666)
259-0814(10R-6275) 245-8998 214-1091 146-3685
259-0815(10R-8707) 249-7013(20R-0114) 6E-3136(0R-7682) 187-9090(10R-6685)
261-5630(20R-3304) 252-2679(20R-7022) 6E-3137(0R-7672) 6E-4469
267-6598(20R-3304) 214-1097(10R-7473) 148-3051 194-3898
269-9336 172-5636(10R-8686) 6E-5072(0R-7661) 367-8077
355-2397 109-4197(0R-7472) 6E-6102 196-7765
358-4992 185-5918 249-7016(20R-0112) 324-3852
180-9588(10R-0532) 155-9248(0R-7490) 214-1098(10R-7435) 327-2193
277-5566 134-2947(10R-0857) 220-0780(10R-5603) 397-5303(20R-9397)
379-9740 190-2279(0R-0912) 6E-3139(0R-7660) 495-7571(20R-9394)
278-1445 232-1835(10R-9089) 107-8136 172-9322(10R-6684)


HZCAT series applied engineering machinery:

Applied to excavators:365B 365B II 365B L 345B II 345B II MH 345C L 345C MH 330D 330D FM 330D L 330D LN 330D MH 336D 336D L 336D LN 336D2 336D2 GC 336D2 L 340D L 340D2 L 345B 345B L 365B 365B II 365C 365C L 365C L MH 374D L 385B 385C 385C FS 385C L 385C L MH 390D 390D L 5090B 5230B W345C MH M330D and other machinery

Applied to non road trucks:776D 777D 777 777E 777F 777G 797 69D 769D 771D 773D 775D D10R 769D 770 771D 772 773D 773E 773F 775D 775E 775F 784C 785C 784C 785C 785D and other machinery

Applied to articulated unloading trucks:725 725C 725C2 730 730C 730C2 730C2 EJ 725 730 735 740 D250E II D300E II 735 735 OEM 740 D350E II D400E II 735B 740B 735B 740B D350E II D400E II D250E II D300E II 730 725 735 735 OEM 735B 740 740B 735 and other machinery

Applied to tracked bulldozers:D11R D11T 836G 836H 57H 8 8A 8SU 8U D8N D8R D8R II D8GC D8 GC D7E D7E LGP D9T D8T D8 D9T D6T D6T LGP D6T XL D6T XW D10T D6T 4 4A 4P 4S 54 55 D4H D4H III D6M D9R and other machinery

Applied to excavator loader:416D 416 428 953D 420E 430E 420D 428D 430D 432D 438D 442D 973K 973 973D 248 416D 424D 432E 434E 442E 444E 973K 973 973D and other machinery

Applied to wheeled bulldozers:834G 834H 844 854K等

Applied to wheel loaders:990 990II 993K 950 GC 950H 962H 938K 924K 930K 930M 938M 993K 980G 980G II 950G 950G II 962G 962G II 988H 988G 992K and other machinery

Applied to graders:120H 120H ES 120H NA 120K 120K 2 12H 12K 135H 135H NA 140H 140K 140K 2 160H 160K 160H 160H ES 160H NA  12G 140G 160G 14H NA 16H NA and other machinery

 For more information on Carter Machinery numbers, please contact me (WeChat 13725097647). Thank you!